7.12.16 Sugar Creek Bee Club Minutes

Steve called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm. There were no additions or corrections to the June meeting minutes. Steve has the information about working the honey both at the state fair; if you are interested contact him to sign up. Steve had received an email from a new beekeeper looking for a mentor and passed the contact info to a willing club member. 
The Parke County 4-H fair has an open class for honey. Drop off is July 25th from 8:30-11:30 am. Categories include liquid honey, chunk honey, comb honey, and beeswax. Contact Steve or the Parke County Extension office for exact entry requirements. 
Bruce Dodd has been contacted by a landowner in Parke county looking for 4-H kids to put hives on his property. If you know anyone who might be interested, contact Bruce.
The Newport Bee Club will be holding their second meeting July 19th, 6pm at the Newport Library. Steve will be attending to talk with new beekeepers about getting started. 
Members report continued queen losses, low honey stores, and poor honey harvest due to rain. Sweet clover and buckwheat are blooming now and the bees have been working it hard. 
Terry Wright brought in his hive scale and demonstrated how to lift and measure a hive. To get the weight of honey on the hive, the scale reading is multiplied by two, then the weight of the woodenware is subtracted. From records of his own hives, Terry stated that hives use approximately 40% of their honey between January and March. He also demonstrated how to use a two man hive carrier, reversible inner cover, and sticky board for mite counts. 
There was a short discussion of more treatments for this time of year. Because oxalic acid vaporization does not kill mites in capped brood, Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) are the preferred treatment when there is brood. If used in temps greater than 85 degrees there is a risk of damage to the bees and queens. Wait to use the strips until the max temperature over the next week is 80-85 degrees. 
Door Prize Winners: Jessie King won a sour cherry jelly donated by Sara Morgan. Warren Whitesell won a blackberry jam donated by Cindy Rothrock. John Roehm donated 4 bottles of honey which were won by Terry Wright, Bruce Dodd, Tom Baggett, and Raplh Searing. The 50/50 drawing was won by Gordon Porter. 
At our next meeting on August 9th, 6:30 pm, Terry Wright will demonstrate his OAV device. Steve will inspect samples of 50 freshly dead (or frozen) bees for nosema counts. Label your bags with your name and the hive they came from. 
Submitted by Cheryl Russell, Club Secretary 

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