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Welcome to Russell Honey! We are a family run business offering honey, honeybees, and hive products. Located in Kingman, Indiana

Mission Statement: Russell Honey is dedicated to providing organically managed honey, bees, and hive products to the community, improving the genetics of local honeybee stock, all while providing a vehicle for the business education of our children.

Russell Honey is located in Kingman, Indiana where my daughter, 12 year old Grace and I have been keeping bees since 2013. We started with two hives as a 4-H project, expanded to 10, and are currently expanding again. Products and services offered by Russell Honey include honey, northern bred queens and nucs, propolis, and on-site mentoring.

Our company goals are to complete our expansion to 50 production hives, further website development with a focus on education, and expand into local retail sales.

Keep checking in with us as we grow this site to include information related to the business of beekeeping. I am happy to answer any and all questions, either here, by phone, email,  or on our facebook page: Russell Honey.

Russell Honey, Kingman, Indiana

Cheryl and Grace Russell