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September Sugar Creek Bee Club Meeting MinutesĀ 

Steve called the meeting to order at 6:30 with 13 members in attendance. 
The club heard from members who had attended the state fair.
Terry gave a short talk on feeding. Fall is the time to feed 2:1 syrup. The bees will take the syrup at 50 deg F and above. Last year Terry’s hives consumed between 11 and 45 pounds of honey overwinter. Watch for robbing-no entrance feeders and set community feeders away from hives. Terry showed the club modified inner covers that have holes for mason jar feeders and are used with a deep to cover the feeder jars. 
Watch for secondary pests like wax moths and small hive beetles this time of year, especially with your weaker hives. 
One member reported losing two hives and a nuc. The bee inspector came out and took samples to send to the Beltsville lab. Virus suspected
One member reported 3 empty hives, and no answer as to what happened to them.
Terry reported 9 swarms from his hives over the last 4 weeks. 
Steve gave a talk on the basics of mead making and had a blackberry mead available for tasting.
Door prizes were an 8oz and 12oz honey bear donated by Terry Wright and a 4oz muth jar of Appalachian honey donated by Cheryl Russell. 

Winners: 12 oz-Steve Hauser, 8oz Jim Slaven, muth jar-Sarah Morgan

The 50/50 drawing was won by Gordon Porter.
The Christmas party will be the second Tuesday in December at 6:30. The menu will include fried chicken and beef brisket. Cost will be approximately $10 per person
There will be no October meeting due to the Covered Bridge Festival. The next meeting will be November 8, 6:30pm at the Collom’s General Store in Bridgeton IN.