Beekeeping Lessons

The goal for this section of the site is to have a series of short articles on the basics of beekeeping for beginners. Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome! Comment on the page or on our Facebook Page.

Lesson 1: Getting Started in Beekeeping

Lesson 2: What to Feed Your Bees

Lesson 3: Queen Marking

Lesson 4: Top Entrances

Lesson 5: Spring Inspections

Lesson 6: Summer Management

Lesson 7: Fall and Winter Management

Lesson 8: Honeybee Breeds

Lesson 9: Colony Life Inside the Hive

Lesson 10: Getting Bees out of Honey Supers

Lesson 11: Keeping Bees Calm

Lesson 12: Moving Beehives

Lesson 13: Managing Hives for Honey Production

Lesson 14: How to Buy Bees

Lesson 15: Frames and Foundation

Lesson 16: Wax Moths and Small Hive Beetles

Lesson 17: Queen Excluders

Lesson 18: Varroa Management

Lesson 19: Splitting and Recombining Hives

Lesson 20: Record Keeping

Lesson 21: Honeybee Diseases