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I missed my deadline!

At the beginning of the year I had made a goal to have 20 beginner beekeeping lessons up on the site by the end of March. I thought I was making pretty good progress until spring decided to come early! The last couple of weeks have been spent assembling and painting new equipment to get ready for grafting and splits a little earlier than I had planned. I don’t feel like a complete failure though. I did get 17 lessons up on the site, and I have 4 more written. I just need to find the dedicated time to get the pages posted. I will, I promise!

I have so many beekeeping irons in the fire right now. On top of the actual beekeeping, I’m trying to get a nice website going, taking over as secretary for the bee club, heading up a homeschool field trip to an apiary next week, presenting to the local scout troop, get ready for my first farmer’s market, and develop on online presence for honey and bee sales.

No wonder I’m tired, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!