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2016 Is Going To Bee a Sweet Year!

Planning ahead with bees is often a mix of “if” and “I hope”. “I hope” they live through the winter. “If” they do we can continue to expand and grow. “If” we have strong enough hives in the spring, and “if” I get enough hours at work to buy equipment, “I hope” to grow to 30-40 hives next year.

If everything goes smoothly, which is¬†chancy in agriculture, next year will be an even bigger year for Russell Honey. Originally I was hoping to expand past 50 hives in 2016, but after mapping out the budget I have scaled back that goal a little. Trying to limit myself to just a 3 fold increase is going to require upwards of a 1/2 ton of sugar. That’s a lot of syrup to mix. Plus there is the cost of the equipment needed to house all these new hives.

Still, it looks to be an exciting year, with queen grafting, attempting a trap out on a bee tree, splitting hives, putting in a more efficient feeding system, and building some of my own equipment. “If” they make it through the winter that is.

“I hope” so.