Indiana Beekeepers’ Association Fall Conference-Part 1

Grace and I are on our first mother daughter beekeeping trip! She insisted she was grown up enough to attend a day long conference filled with meetings and classes. She may have been suckered in by the idea of a hotel bed all to herself and swimming in November.

Getting here was quite the pain, with road construction, closures, and a wreck on I-65 causing long delays. We took a state highway to avoid the traffic backup, and so did 9 million other people! Delays added nearly an hour to our 3 hour trip, but Grace never noticed as she slept through 90% of it.

We had lunch at Olive Garden, and I can’t praise them enough. We used the kiosk at the table to order and pay, and it worked wonderfully. We were in and out in less than half an hour. Zero minutes were wasted waiting for the waitress to take our order or bring the check. Kitchen staff brought the food to the table the instant it was ready. The table behind us ordered through the waitress and had to send their meal back to the kitchen because she put the order in wrong. On long trips I am generally reluctant to stop at a “real” restaurant since it usually takes so much time, so I was very pleased with this experience.

We’ve arrived at the hotel, had our swim, and I’m trying to convince Grace we need to go to sleep soon. The Comfort Inn staff saw us swimming in the pool and brought in a pool noodle and ball for Grace to play with, so I’ve been pleased with the customer service here also.

Tomorrow looks to be a busy day. We need to wake up by 6:30 to get ready and checked out in time to make the conference registration. Grace has no idea how quickly morning will come, considering she usually sleeps through all of it.

I’ll update more tomorrow!