Not a Good Morning!

I worked last night (I’m a nurse) and got a call from my husband that a storm had rolled through and we had some serious straight line wind at our house. After the worst of it passed he checked on my hives and they were a mess!  That was the longest shift of my life waiting for morning to roll around so I could head to the bee yard and start cleaning up the mess. Thank you so much to my not-so-crazy-about-bees husband for running out in the dark and rain to cover as many hives up as possible!

And what a mess! Around midnight Daniel was standing on the porch when a gust of wind came at the house so hard it almost knocked him down. It did blow my stack of extra equipment I had been working on off into the yard. No harm done there, other than I’ll have some cleanup to do this afternoon. The real mess was out in the apiary. 

The wind picked hives off their bottom boards and tossed them around. The lid for this hive flew off, over the house, and across the entire backyard. 

This one had a heavy migratory lid made of treated wood that got picked up, thrown across the road, and broken. 

The wind gust was strong enough to tip over the concrete blocks the hives were sitting on. 

This hive is the only one I might lose. It was shoved off its base and the boxes were thrown in different directions. The frames of bees were sucked out of the hive and scattered about the yard. 

The strange thing is-all these mating nucs are sitting just across the apple trees from my regular hives. None of them had budged an inch. 

I don’t think there was really any good way to prevent this. They were all sitting on single concrete blocks, so they had a low center of gravity. The lids were bricked down. Strapping each hive down would be an expensive time sink. The fact that concrete blocks were moved around makes me glad I have insurance on this equipment. Fortunatly I’m only out a single lid this time, and that lid flew away from the house instead of through a window. 
I drove around and checked on my other hives and they weathered the wind fine. One yard is ready for another round of supers! 24 hours after getting out of bed I finally got to crawl back into it 🙂

Knowing that my hives are in need of immediate attention and having to sit at work for another 6 1/2 hours before I could get to them has really drivin home the fact that I need to get the beekeeping business up to full-time as soon as possible.