Raspberries and Blackberries

Rasberry flowerBlackberry Flower





Raspberries and Blackberries are very similar plants, with blackberries tending to have slightly larger flowers and fruits. Raspberries bloom from May-June and Blackberries bloom immediately afterwards. Both plants grow wild along the edges of woods, streams, lakes, and in fencerows. If hives are placed near cultivated berries it is possible to get a major crop of monofloral honey from these crops. The easiest way to tell these two plants apart is to pick the fruit. Raspberries will have a hollow core and tiny hairs on the outside of the berry. Blackberries are smooth and the receptacle comes off with the fruit. If you do have wild berries on your property and you add a beehive-be ready for a bumper crop! Adding bees to our homestead increased our berry harvest by at least 50%.