Rockville Indiana Bee Swarm

Got another swarm call today! This is my fourth swarm capture this spring. This swarm was a little different because there was this clump on the inside of an empty pool, plus another eggplant sized ball hanging from a nearby pine tree. 

We captured the pine tree swarm first, since that involved standing on a ladder while shaking the branch over the swarm box, which was balanced on a second ladder. After that it was a quick jump down into the empty pool to brush the remaining bees into the box. They were fanning like crazy, announcing to the remaining bees that they had found a home! 

After giving them some more time to settle down and find their way inside, I closed up the box and brought them home. They are now safely in a hive box with a frame of donated brood to help anchor them. In three days I will open them up and check for the queen. 

Thanks to Joe and Korena for calling me and to my husband for once again doing an excellent job holding the ladder! 🙂