Young Beekeeper Award Paper

This is my Young  Beekeeper Award essay. I hope I win because it would be nice little vacation for my family if I won :]

I currently have 5 hives and have been a beekeeper for 4 years.

I belong to the Sugar Creek Beekeepers Club in Parke County, IN.

I attended the Indiana Beekeepers Association Annual Meeting in 2015 and will be attending Bee Culture’s conference “A Case for Honey” in October 2016.

In 2013, I presented a demonstration of beekeeping to my 4-H club the Reserve American Eagles. In 2015, I assisted the leader of the American Heritage Girls with a class about honeybees for girls ages 5-14. In May 2017 I am scheduled to help teach the Parke County Home Economics club how to cook with honey.

My favorite beekeeping related activity is hunting for the queen. I love the feeling of finding a queen in a hive, especially when I find it before my mom! It makes me feel happy and proud of myself that I can find one specific bee in a whole hive. Marking the queen is also fun. When I am looking for a queen I feel like a detective.

Beekeeping has taught me how to talk to people who are going to buy your product, how to make sales and be a business woman, woodworking, how to find a queen quickly, and how to maintain a website. I feel more responsible because beekeeping has taught me how to keep bees alive and healthy.

I think online advertisement is the best way to promote the importance of honeybees to the public. Almost everything these days is online. The majority of people have at least 1 form of social media, even if they don’t use it often. Social media is still an awesome way to get your name out there, and a Facebook page is an effective way to share bits of information to people.

If I could create a honeybee, I would want to make a honey bee that grows and makes more bees faster. They would have a greater chance of fighting off robbing bees and would probably live through the winter. There would be more bees for the honey flow which would mean more honey to harvest. You would have more honey for your business or to give as gifts.

My family and I are planning on making a big enough business with bees to support our family of 5. One day we want to have at least 4,000 hives. My family already has three honey bee yards and over 50 hives. I have five of my own hives and want to use them to expand more next year.